Open Air 2021

The Ziegelei Open Air gets 10 years old! We are already working on the line-up for the ZOA 2021 and hope that one or the other Band that was planned for the ZOA 2020 can make up their appearance this time. More information will follow.


The Ziegelei Open Air takes place from June 11th to 13th, 2021. Sunday is big family day and admission is free.


To be able to enter the festival area at any time, you need a festival wristband. You can get this in exchange for your ticket at the entrance. There will also be a bag check. Weapons or other dangerous objects have no place on the festival site.

Own drinks

We try to keep the restrictions within the festival area as low as possible. We ask for your understanding that only drinks in plastic packaging up to a maximum of 1.5 litres may be taken onto the festival grounds. The sale of drinks plays an important role in financing the event and our drinks prices will be relatively low. We therefore ask you to buy the drinks from us and not to bring them yourself.


There will be plenty of parking spaces around the festival area, which are signposted accordingly. It will also be allowed to park one way at the roadsides.


The camping site is located right next to the festival area. Allowed are tents as well as mobile homes, caravans, construction vehicles or similar.

Important notice: The camping site is getting more and more crowded. Vehicles that will not stay overnight should therefore be parked on the signposted parking lots.

First aid

The Red Cross is located on the festival site near the entrance. If you call for help, make yourself noticed so that the DRK can find you in the confusion of the festival area and camping site.

Kids and teens

We recommend not to take children under 8 years of age to the festival on Friday and Saturday, as a rock festival is a considerable burden (volume, etc.) for children. On Sunday there is a supporting programme especially for children. Grandparents should not miss this event either.

The participation of teenagers in the festival is determined by the parents due to the personal custody law - taking into account the law for the protection of minors. According to the German Civil Code (BGB) parents have the duty and the right to take care of the minor child (under 18 years of age). Ultimately, it is the parents who make the decision about the arrival, participation and further stay at the festival.

Furthermore, restrictions apply to the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages and to the serving of tobacco products and smoking. In case of a youth protection check, drunk or smoking children and teenagers can be sent home.

We recommend that all those who have not yet reached the age of 18 carry a signed participation permit.

Market stalls

For questions or registration please contact Rene Beckmann.